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The creation of our vineyards begun experimentally in 2004 and by the end of 2008 it became clear to us that the cultivation of vineyards, would become a profession.

The privately-owned vineyards of the winery are based in the areas «Ammoudes» and «Paliambela» in Falani, a village next to the city of Larisa, at the center of Thessaly’s plain.

The vineyards are covering a total area of 9,5 ha, with further plantations already scheduled in the near future. The local climate is semi-arid in the cool version but it is close to a hot summer Mediterranean climate.
The winter is fairly mild, and some snowstorms may occur. The summer is particularly hot, and temperatures of 40 °C (104 °F) may occur.

Thunderstorms or heavy rain may cause agricultural damage, while the area receives 413 mm (16 in) of rain per year which provides the vines with the necessary water supplies to endure the dry summer.

The sandy-clay texture of the soil, assuring an ideal drainage of the rain water, the favorable climatic conditions during maturation and harvest periods and finally the appropriate viticultural practices contribute to a complete fruit ripening thus offering the possibility of producing wines of exquisite quality and rich aromas and the density of plantation is approximately 4000 vines/ha. 

In order to avoid extreme water deficits during summer, root zone drying irrigation is applied to assure the optimum conditions for the maturation of grapes.

Alatas Winery’s vineyards consists

of the white varieties

and Vermentino

of the red varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon,
and Syrah

as well as the experimental cultivation of the Italian, with Greek origins, variety, Sangrantino.


Winery Alata was established in 2012 and until today there are 9,5 ha of vineyards in her property, with further plantations already scheduled in the near future. Based in the areas Ammoudes and Paliambela in Falani Larisa.


City: Falani
Address: Larisaion 49
Phone: +30 697 740 7080


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