Alatas Winery

Our winery is located near the privately owned vineyards of the viticulture exploitation, which means that transport of the grapes from the vineyard to the winery during harvest is done at the shortest possible time.

Close proximity, in combination with transport in special refrigerators and the immediate start of the wine making procedure, underline the outmost respect and protection of the organoleptic characteristics of the wine grapes.


Το οινοποιείο της Οινοποιίας Αλατά βρίσκεται σε πολύ κοντινή απόσταση με τους ιδιόκτητους αμπελώνες μας, γεγονός που σημαίνει ότι η μεταφορά του τρυγητού είναι χρονικά η συντομότερη δυνατή.

Σε συνδυασμό με την εφαρμογή ψύξης στην μεταφορά του και με την άμεση έναρξης της επεξεργασίας του, υποδεικνύει τον απόλυτο σεβασμό και προστασία των οργανοληπτικών χαρακτηριστικών του κρασοστάφυλου.


The force of natural gravity, a concept applied from the location and the design of the winery, is exploited throughout the winemaking process, with the minimum possible stress to the raw material.

The construction materials and the equipment used in the winery are in line with the safety and hygiene legislation in order to secure a clean atmosphere inside the winery, protecting the quality of the grape, the must and the wine.

Managing the winery is simplified by applying a totally integrated building management system at the winery process.

The installed winery equipment, which we constantly enrich, helps as achieve our goals and ambitions:

The production and demonstration of the Thessaly’s wines, the presentation of their characteristics, with respect in the environment, the winemaker and the comsumer.


Winery Alata was established in 2012 and until today there are 9,5 ha of vineyards in her property, with further plantations already scheduled in the near future. Based in the areas Ammoudes and Paliambela in Falani Larisa.


City: Falani
Address: Larisaion 49
Phone: +30 697 740 7080


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